If you can't feed a thousand, feed one.

Baraka children’s home endeavors to contribute the acquired resources in establishing a conducive environment through rehabilitation and support to the vulnerable children without excluding their families for the better existence in future.

Since it was founded, Baraka Children's Home is dedicated to giving orphan kids another chance through a quality foundation.

Food & Lifestyle

Just like any other kid, the first thing that our children at Baraka need when they wake up is food.

Feeding hundreds of children on a daily basis is quite a huge task making food our biggest expense; hence an area in which we greatly need your support. Clothes are also a big necessity, especially considering the different sizes of the kids that we have generally ranging from less than 1 year old to adult.

Accommodation & Other Amenities

We offer accommodation for the kids through a combination of a house owned by the founder and a rental apartment.

We have hopes of establishing a common dwelling place for the children as support comes in.

Help us help

Your donations and goodwill keeps us going

At Baraka Children's Home, we do not have any sponsors with deep pockets and instead rely on the good hearts of all our supporters. We have continued to provide for the kids through many small donations; be it in terms of food, cash or sponsorships, coming from peole in all walks of life.

How I can help

Baraka Children's Home is in constant need of food, clothes, books, pens and pencils, school bags, uniforms, school boxes, travelling bags, books, text books, beds, mattresses, blankets, plates, spoons, shoes and such other general life requirements.

To facilitate a visit or a call for more details, details are provided at the bottom of this web page.

Please join Baraka also as we try to put a smile to these beautiful kids. We appreciate the far we have gone and the far we are going. God bless you as you prepare to join the race.